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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Consider the Lillies...or Appliances

Today my top priority was to reestablish contact with the guy who made such great promises to me about my appliances. It has been at least four months since I've spoken to him and I was a little nervous about him not even remembering me, let alone his guarantee.

I sat in the car for the few minutes before the store opened and prayed that God would bless this time. When I walked into the store and asked for him, I discovered that he no longer works there.

I presented my case to the young guy who greeted me and then he took it to his manager. While I waited for him I tried to go over how I would react when he came back and told me I was crazy.

Not only did he come back matching the promised prices, but several of the appliances were now discontinued and he gave me the latest model at the price he promised for the discontinued one.

One hour after walking through the doors, I walked back out with a receipt for all my kitchen appliances. I was so thankful to God for working it out so peacefully and so relieved to have such a gigantic task out of the way.

God really does care about the hairs on our head...and the appliances in our kitchens!


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