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Saturday, June 25, 2011

I've Been Bitten

I haven't posted much this week because it seems I've caught a bit of a bug. It's been so long since I've had it that I had forgotten how quickly it comes on and how suddenly it takes over. But, to tell you the honest to goodness truth, I'm loving it.

Ok, I'm not really sick; I've caught the decorating bug. Remember way back when we were building, and building, and building the house? I was pregnant (at least for the last little bit) and basically took on decorating the house as a full time job. If you see it in the house, I chose it - tile, lights, plumbing fixtures, paint, tile...you get the picture. It was exhausting and confusing but, well, kind of fun too. The end result was a house that we love and one woman tired of making decorating decisions for awhile.

Fast forward three years and that's kind of where I still am. We have a few photos on the walls but not many. I'm not sure if it was a conscious decision or just running out of steam that halted all progress on making our house more of a home. I've never shopped for curtains, furniture besides the necessities, or decorations of any kind.

Of course there was that whole having a newborn who grew into a toddler who didn't toddle and then all that therapy. There was the fact that I worked last year a little and this year part-time. And well, the whole economy crashing had an effect on us too which meant funds have been, shall we say, a little tight for awhile. Hmm... no wonder I didn't do anything.

Around Christmas I won a gift certificate to a local decorator's store and happened upon a little sign I fell in love with for the laundry room. It's the second smallest room in the house, but when Nelson hung the sign for me, I caught the vision for the room. And then I had to go back to work and all forward momentum screeched to a halt.

While the boys were out of town last week, I managed to clear out the nursery to make way for a real live guest room. The very day I finished, I got a note from my cousin asking if they could come for a visit in July. Nothing like house guests to light the fire.

With the kids in vacation bible school and golf camp this week, I had a few free hours every day. Nelson gave me a budget and off I went. The curtain shopping totally overwhelmed me. I realized the reason I've never done it was that I have no idea what I like. As you can imagine, that did not help with the shopping.

Then I found what I decided I wanted way back in December for the laundry room. It was a cute cafe curtain that went perfectly. I went with a simple extension rod, got home, ironed the curtain and hung it myself. Viola! One room done and suddenly I was ready to move on.


Blogger Shannon said...

pictures, please!!

7:33 AM  
Anonymous Kelly@inthesheepfold said...

Good job!

So fun. I was walking through Hobby Lobby the other day and was struck that many women shop for decorative items all the time. It's been years and years for me. Hvaing toddlers crawling out of a cart just ruins the whole experience. They're a little older now, and most of my house could use at least a face life.

Let's go shopping some time!

7:05 AM  
Blogger Amy Parris said...

Shannon, the curtains need a bit of altering to make them work so when they get finished and hung, I'll definitely post. It would be an absolute victory to have this done in a few weeks time :-).

Kelly, that would be so fun. Let me know when you want to give it a spin.

10:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You don't see many curtains in our house because I really don't like them. I simply prefer to let the sun shine in. Good luck on your search. Damma

4:05 PM  

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