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Monday, June 06, 2011

A Lesson in Fun

Today was preceded by an afternoon yesterday that involved Mackenzie going to the river and then to spend the night with a friend and Nelson playing golf and having dinner with the guys. Consequently, my afternoon was spent with some rather sad boys wondering why they never get to do anything fun.

So this morning after Nelson left for work and the equation was the same as the day before, I decided that I could do something to change the atmosphere. "Hey guys, what do you think about heading to a water park this morning?"
We drove across town to a little water park and playground. Granted, it was not a water park of the major water park variety. It was more like a really grand set of sprinklers. However, I explained to them that today was their turn to have a little fun. And that's exactly what we did.
I'm finding that I am getting the hang of this relaxing thing a lot better than I have in past years. Yes, there was laundry to be done. Yes, I have lots of projects on my list. However, after spending the year feeling bad about missing out on time with my kids, I am realizing that it is both okay and necessary to do a little playing together sometimes too.
This has not always been the easiest thing for me. I find it incredibly hard to just be. And why I did make a few phone calls while I watched them play, I also pushed them on the swings and oohed and ahhed over their conquests.
I began to notice things like, oh my goodness, when did Dawson get so tall? What happened to my little Kindergartner? Isn't it great the way Aiden and Dawson still love to play with each other?
And where, oh where, did my baby go? Seriously, he's in the 90th percentile for his height.
He was a bit timid about the sprinklers at first. He was much more concerned about munching on his spicy Doritos than getting wet.
And, wouldn't you know that the kid would find it much more fun to jump in the mud puddles than run through the sprinklers? Every time I see him run, jump and climb, I am so thankful. I also find myself thinking how this is totally good therapy for him. I then wonder if this is they way I will think the rest of his life.
In the very next moment I try to catch him going down the slide and he's by faster than my camera can catch him. But I see the glimpse of a boy who is totally content with his life. I see his big, beautiful smile and hear his sweet laugh and I remind myself to learn from him.

We couldn't see the park at all where we parked, but as we were holding hands moving towards it, he caught sight of it and looked up at me and said, "Mama, this is my best day ever!" Really now, who cares how fast he runs?

So here I capture a picture of my three little amigos. Today was their day. We went from the park to lunch because we were very hot and hungry and twenty minutes from home. Their little eyes lit up as we walked into the restaurant. They were so very happy and thankful to have their very own meals with drinks and not to have to share.

And somehow, after lunch and a grocery store run, as I was making dinner and doing laundry I thought to myself that I may have found the balance. Having fun with the kids doesn't mean I can't get anything done. What it means is that the most important thing is getting done and I hope that's a lesson I never forget.


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