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Friday, February 18, 2011

Quick Takes

1. I love drama, on the stage...not so much in my life. Since I could speak I have been on stage every chance I could find. I've never been afraid of the spotlight. Taking on a character has always been so fun to me.

When I couldn't act anymore, I directed the plays at our school. I did this for 15 years before I had baby #3 and had to, very tearfully, finally admit I could no longer do it.

When my mom consoled me, she told me not to worry. She was certain I would be directing elementary school plays when my kids reached that age. I laughed.

Currently, I am casting the 4th grade play, Much Ado About Nothing. I am directing again AND it's Shakespeare. I am in heaven. And yes mom, you were right.

2. I spent over 2 hours today working on getting the warranty company to do what they said they would do and replace my microwave, which we've been without for 2 weeks now. Not fun.

3. I spent another hour today on the phone with the insurance company working on getting Max's therapy covered. Again, not fun.

4. The weather here today is absolutely beautiful. While I favor winter weather in winter, I honestly can't complain about the upper 70's we are experiencing because it is gorgeous without the heat and humidity.

5. Max is turning three on Tuesday. I'm thinking if I continue to say this over and over and over, I might actually start to believe it. He's into superheroes and so I'm searching for a Spiderman cake pan if any of you locals have one.

6. One of the teachers at school today asked me questions about running as if I'm an expert on the topic. I still feel like a fake when I answer. However, I'm out there and as I said before, that makes me a runner.

7. We had a pep rally at school yesterday. Back in the day I used to plan those things. Somehow, yesterday sitting in the bleachers among many young children screaming at the top of their lungs, while they high schoolers encouraged them, while the band was playing loud enough to be heard for blocks, I suddenly felt somewhat different about it. My ears were ringing for hours and I found myself worrying about the safety of the participants rather than just sitting back and enjoying the chaos.

Sometimes it stinks to be a parent.

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