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Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Just Another Day

It's another late night at the House of Parris. Husband is still out, kids are in bed and here I stand; literally stand, in the kitchen. Today I have gotten the kids off to school and headed straight to my moms' prayer group, where we prayed for some serious intentions and caught up just a tad. From there it was a race back to the house to beat the therapist. I hopped in the shower as Max had his workout and then dressed for hero day at school (more on that later). I got ready in time to grade one of the twelve essays sitting in my bag, make Max lunch and head to school. There I taught for the next three hours. Then it was afternoon carpool, homework, and making a meal for two other families. I sat with my wee ones and had a conversation filled dinner (yes, sat for as long as it took me to eat). From there it was a race to clean up the kitchen, shower the boys, have prayers and tuck them all in. I returned downstairs so I could make lasagna for dinner tomorrow night since we're having several guests and I will be leading Little Sisters after school until 5:30. Currently I am staring at the mess that needs to be cleaned up from all that.

Some days I wonder where my time goes. I feel guilty that I didn't get to that project or do research on that thing. I yawn my way through the afternoon session with my fourth graders and hit the Coke machine during recess in search of a little caffeine boost to get me through. I kick myself for not being able to get up early enough to squeeze in a run before the kids wake up.

I would probably ponder all this a little more as I got into bed at night if I wasn't already passed out before my head hit the pillow. Instead, I steal a moment now to capture a day in the life and I pray that tomorrow is a little less busy, a little more restful.

God really spoke to me at mass this weekend regarding this very topic but it was too powerful to record in the ten minutes I'm giving myself to do this, so that too will have to wait until another day. Hopefully, I'll still remember what God said to me when I have the time to write it down.

Doing this has showed me two things: 1) No wonder I can't do all those other "pressing" things and 2) God can still whisper to me in the middle of my life.

Ah, thank God I have that to hold on to.


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