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Friday, February 11, 2011

Seven Quick Takes

1. After a busy week, we have a packed weekend ahead. All very good stuff, but stuff is still stuff. Is it bad that I'm already looking forward to summer?

2. I have now experienced first hand that party days at the elementary level are loud and crazy, no matter how much you plan. What I set out to do in the one hour and 45 minutes was to finish an art project we started last Friday (that I thought would take only one hour), distribute Valentines, eat our snacks, watch a little of a movie and I also had another "quick" craft in my back pocket just in case.

We finished the craft from last week...kind of, distributed the Valentines and chowed down on some snacks. What we also managed to do was to totally destroy the classroom with remnants of crafting, be so loud another teacher came and closed our door and be so out of control that the entire class missed the first five minutes of recess.

Live and learn...I hope.

3. The absolute best part of teaching in the elementary school is seeing my own kids during the school day. I pop in the Kindergarten all the time. I see Mackenzie in the hall on the way back from recess and I spy on Aiden on the playground. I've even managed to arrive early enough to eat lunch with each of them on occasion. Totally fun!

4. In the last three weeks we've had to have the washer, cook top and dishwasher repaired. Last week the microwave spontaneously combusted (flames people!). I have been very grateful for that tough decision to purchase those 5 year warranties.

5. This is the first year that I've continued to run through the winter. It's causing some new kinds of injuries and challenges (like not having a group to train with). I'm actually signed up to do a half in DC next month that I fear I will be nowhere ready for but I'm figuring that even if it's horrible, it's better than no exercise at all which is what I've done the past two winters.

6. I had my friend come over last weekend. She gave me all kinds of great ideas about how to bring some order to some largely disorderly sections of my home. Now...if I can only find the time to implement them.

7. Last night I made 4 dozen chocolate chip cookies for the kids' Valentine's parties. Today I made a lemon crème cake and tomorrow I will tackle the carrot cake. None of these sweets are for me but I'm looking forward to making them. It reminds me how much I love baking, even when I don't have time.

Now I'm off to start that busy, wonderful weekend ahead. Thanks Jen for inspiring me to put something on the page.


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