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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

In Thanksgiving of Christmas Lights

Tonight I was driving home and noticed that the man known around town for the biggest Christmas display was almost ready for the big reveal on Thanksgiving. He owns four lots and fills each and every one of them with lights and all things Christmas. It is mesmerizing for the young at heart but for us older folks it's more like the Griswold’s yard in Christmas Vacation(we're talking giant birthday cake that says "Happy Birthday Jesus"). Nonetheless, it draws people from miles and miles around.

As I drove by in the darkness, the place appeared to be a cluttered mess. You can see the outlines of the decorations but the only thing with a light on it is a wooden turkey on the porch. However, right across the street is one of those giant inflatable turkeys that is really quite cute.

The kids love seeing this turkey right now and are not even noticing the other four yards across the way. However, come Thanksgiving, all eyes will be on the other side of the street. For a moment, I felt a little sorry for those other people. You see, they also put up lights at Christmas and they are nice too. However the brightness from the other four houses across the way barely even allows you to catch sight of them through the glare. It just didn't seem fair.

In that moment, God showed me something. Right now, for these two weeks before Thanksgiving, the little house across the way is having its moment to shine.

God gives all of us different gifts. Some of us are like this humble little house with one thing out in the yard. Others seem to have their talents strung out across four yards. Both yards have their time to shine. Both yards have gifts to offer. It's not necessarily about being the biggest and brightest, but about using the gifts God gives you in the best way possible. Instead of feeling sorry for the little yard or jealous of the big one, we should enjoy each for the gift they have to offer.


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