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Monday, October 29, 2007

Sweet, Sweet Story Time

Tonight, as the cool temperatures from outside crept in through our windows, the kids snuggled around me on the couch for story time. Aiden was under my right arm, Dawson was squished into my left side as Mackenzie huddled under my left arm. The baby, of course, was right in the middle.

It was one of the quietest story times we've had in awhile. I started with one of their favorites, Chicka-Chicka-Boom-Boom, moved on to The Snowy Day, and finished with my favorite Guess How Much I Love You.

If you have children and have never read this last story, get it now and read it to them ASAP. It is so very, very, very sweet. As I read the final line, "I love you, all the way to the moon and back," in the cozy silence, it was all I could do not to get choked up.

And this, I reminded myself, was why having this new life inside of me is such a good thing. It will help to ensure that moments like these last a little while longer around here.


Blogger nicole said...

That is one of my favorite books. Have you read "The House Inside My Mommy?" It is a sweet book about a little boy waiting for his new sibling. We read it every night with my last pregnancy. We aren't doing so well this time, but we still read it when I have the energy. I bet your kids (boys especially) would love it.

9:26 AM  
Blogger Amy Parris said...

I'll have to look into that one. Thanks for the suggestion.

8:05 PM  

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