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Saturday, October 06, 2007

Oops! I Did It Again

No matter how hard I try, I can not seem to prepare for a trip and get to bed at a descent hour. After laundry and packing four of us for a week at the beach, I packed Mackenzie for 5 nights at a friends and me for 5 nights away on a cruise.

Then Nelson happened to mention that a friend of his is coming into town while we're at the beach. He's staying here for two nights. Yikes! I changed the sheets, cleaned like crazy and swept and vacuumed.

I came out to add a few notes to the calendars of events and schedules of the kids for the people watching them while we're on the cruise. I thought I wasn't doing too bad until I looked at the clock!

Why is it that it takes so much work to relax? My plan for next week is to sit on the beach and dig in the sand with my kids. Then I plan to sit and read to them, play games with them and just be with them. I WILL take it easy. I WILL go slow. I WILL put my feet up more often.

Saturday I'll be rushed to wash everything, repack, get home, get the kids settled and leave town again a few hours later. With bags packed, I will head to Florida with my dear, sweet husband. Sunday I will board a cruise ship where I plan to do absolutely nothing besides sit in a lounge chair, soak up some sun, and catch up on some reading. Oh yeah, and have my meals prepared for me, my bed turned down and a tiny mint placed on my pillow.

Boy that's sounding SO good right now. If my kids were with me on that boat, I might just keep sailing until someone calls to tell me the house is finished and everything is moved.


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