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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Disney on Ice - Princess Classics

Tonight I took Mackenzie to see the Disney Princesses on Ice. When the lights went down and the princesses came out, her eyes got as big as saucers and her grin grew into a full blown smile. I saw this just before my eyes misted over.

Oh, I'd try to blame it on the pregnancy hormones, but the fact is, I've taken her to shows like this when I was not pregnant and had the same reaction. You see I was raised on the old school Disney princesses myself and my parents did a great job of exposing me to the wonderful world of Disney. I don't care what anyone says, or even how much it costs, there is something truly magical about the whole Disney idea.

Sitting next to my own daughter tonight and seeing dreams of being in those beautiful dresses right out there in the middle of the ice, brought back memories of feeling exactly the same. Come on now girls, who wouldn't want to be a princess for just a little while?

It's so wonderful to have the opportunity to share the same stories with her. It's simply amazing to be totally transported to another world for two whole hours. It's so fun to have a daughter to share this with.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Amy,

I love reading your stuff and enjoy hearing about the kids, even if some of it comes from crazy Dampa. I know you already know this, but you are a Princess of the best kind, because you are the daughter of the real King! And the Kingdom of God will never compare with Disney.


9:02 AM  

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