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Saturday, March 01, 2014

My Support Team

The boys are participating in a school basketball league. It's a sweet little setup where they learn some basic skills at practices twice a week and then get to play in games on Saturday. All three are playing, each on a different team. It makes for a lot of time spent at the gym on Saturday mornings. With an infant in the mix, it's not my favorite thing to do (though, quite honestly, going anywhere with an infant is not exactly my favorite thing to do).

None of that matters much when I catch a moment like the one below, during which my dad got on the court before game time to give Max a little pre-game pep talk. 
 I don't take moments like these for granted. I realize how blessed I am. Sometimes is not about the event so much as the support you receive during it. My kids will know without a doubt that their grandparents love and support them because of a simple act of love like showing up at an elementary basketball game. 

I know my kids will feel this because my folks did the same for me. In fact, I feel just as much love and support when they are there for my kids as when they were there for me.

Thanks Mom and Dad for every dance recital, band concert, and sporting event of mine that you attended. Here's hoping we get to keep sitting next to each other as we do the same for my own kids!


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