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Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Just Keeping It Real

Today Felicity was Max's show and tell in Kindergarten.  His teacher had him meet me in the hallway so he could help bring her in. She then instructed all of the students to put everything away and turn their attention to Max.

When we walked in, every pair of little eyes was on our sweet Felicity.  "Max," instructed his teacher, "tell us about your show and tell."

Suddenly, my boisterous five year old was shy. "This is my sister, Felicity."

"Don't you want to tell them anything about her?" I prodded.


"Who would like to ask Max about his show and tell?" his teacher offered.

Hands popped up around the room. "She's really cute," said the first child.

"That's not a question," explained the teacher.

"Can she crawl?" wondered one of the boys.

"No!" giggled Max.

"Can she jump off the couch?" another boy wanted to know.

Now laughing out loud, Max again said, "No!"

"Why don't you tell your friends what she can do?" I suggested, thinking about how she has recently started to smile and coo.

"She poops!" he declared with enthusiasm.

Not exactly the information I had in mind, but true, very, very true.


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