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Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Today I met a friend for lunch - a friend I graduated from high school with, had in my wedding, live in the same town as, and yet, haven't spent one on one time with in....years! I'm sad to say, it happens. You get married, start having kids and suddenly people seem to fall off the face of the earth.

I realize, of course that this is my own fault. Time passes and then I fear that awkwardness that comes from spending time with an old friend who suddenly has nothing to say to me. Weird, I know.

My friend got married later than me and before she knew it, had three precious girls in a matter of, oh say three or so years. When she found out I was pregnant at 42, she knew exactly what I felt like so we suddenly reconnected over this bond of having babies later in life - and well, having babies at all. Children, I've found, are the great equalizers.

She has been a constant encouragement to me during these trying months. When I found out I failed my three hour glucose test, she was the first to call. She's been there, done that. When I wondered how to make heads or tails out of the hundreds of travel systems to choose from, I called her. She had the most recent experience with all this.

Today when I saw her with her baby in that restaurant, it was like no time had passed. We fell easily into conversation about how having kids close together is a blessing...and it's really, really hard. She and her husband are building a house. I had lots of input on that. We chatted so much, we hardly ate.

I loved seeing her with her daughter because I remember a time when she thought she might never marry or have kids. I loved how after all this time, we still think the same. I love that she is still my friend and always will be even though we don't see each other much.

We vowed not to let much time pass before we get together again. I sense a play date in our future!


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