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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Some Fun and Food on a Half Day of School

Today the kids had a half day of school. Normally I'm not very excited about these days. Half days don't leave time to do much before they come right back home. In a strange turn of events, nesting has kicked in just when my doctor told me to take it easy, as I'm already showing signs this baby will soon be on the way.

Today, I put all plans aside and decided to enjoy the time I had. The kids came home, changed clothes and I decided to take them to lunch because we had the time (and three free kids' meals). It's strange how you just somehow know when the end is getting near and I suddenly wanted one last hurrah with my big kids before they look even bigger.

There was nothing exceptionally special except it was just us, with no time limit, and no other plans.

That made it very special to me.


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