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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Pit Stop

I'm stopping by to say that I have a lot to say so that hopefully when I have time to say it, I will remember what it was. Have I mentioned that fundraising is a full time job?

It's Glory Run week...the final countdown...and since the rubber hit the road weeks ago, the tire treads are wearing thin. I'm feeling a bit like Lightning McQueen in that moment when he tells his crew he doesn't need a pit stop, except I just don't have time for one.

You see, many, many months ago I apparently made some appointments for this week, not having any idea I would be doing what I'm currently doing. On top of that I realized today that the race is Saturday and Nelson's birthday is Tuesday and I'm throwing a couples' shower here next Saturday for which I haven't even got the invitations done yet.

In the last two days I've gotten a wedding invitation, three graduation invitations and a birthday bash invitation all for May. I also got asked to be in charge of an enormous project for Teacher Appreciation week at school. I did say no to that. Every once in awhile I experience brief periods of sanity.

So there, the cathartic drop has been accomplished. Now back to the track.


Blogger Optimistic Existentialist said...

Wow...you have quite a bit on your plate there! I hope you get to have some "you time" every once in awhile!!

7:18 AM  

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