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Friday, March 30, 2012

Seven Quick Takes

1. I'm waiting for the repair man...again. My washer and dryer have been out of commission for two weeks now and we're leaving town tomorrow. This was not part of my Lenten plan.

2. We head to Florida for the week in the morning. Next week is Masters Week here in Augusta, GA. It’s one of the most beautiful weeks of the year. We always stay in town and go to the tournament but this year our Spring Break coincided with two other friends of ours so we're all heading to the beach together. Should be wild and crazy fun.

3. Last night Mackenzie pulled her first "all nighter" (she was in bed before midnight but that’s super late for her) because of school work. Today her research paper is due. This was my fault. She had that paper finished yesterday around 4 and asked me to proof it before she rewrote it. Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to do that until 9 PM. Lord bless her! Let me tell you, that girl can write....better than some of the juniors I've taught over the years.

4. After going kicking and screaming into my first major fundraiser endeavor, last night I reached the $10,000 mark. Yes, I did the happy dance around the kitchen (and house...several times...taking the kids with me). When God puts you where He wants you, He gives you everything you need. You go God!

5. As I was jumping up and down about the numbers after making numerous stops, calls and emails yesterday, one of the kids asked, "What do you get for doing this Mama?"

"Nothing," I quickly replied and jumped up and down some more.

Simple lesson in service.

6. With all this fundraising, I've gotten a much better picture of what Nelson's work life is like. I didn't believe I could think he was much more incredible than he already is, but I do. Babe, I can't thank you enough for what you do for us!

7. Now I'm seriously agitated that not only has my repair guy not come, but he hasn't called. Let me tell you (like I told him on the phone last night), I plan on letting him make this up to me by writing a very big check to our Glory Run!

I'm done waiting but if you're not, go here for more Quick Takes.


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