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Tuesday, November 08, 2011

I Love My Husband!

I had a great weekend. It was busy. It was overwhelming. It was wonderful. As I sat in our beautiful church Sunday morning waiting for mass to start, I could not muster a petition. All I could do was to thank God over and over for the amazing life He planned for me.

I could spend time talking about all the little details of the weekend like how I was literally running around the house Friday night right up until the first guests arrived; or how the shower was a fantastic success that was shared with at least 60 other people who came; or how my son baffled me with his spectacular pass completions in his game on Saturday; or how we had another 15 people here for the big football game Saturday night; or how I let Mackenzie play with my hair for an hour Sunday afternoon just because she wanted to. I could go into details about all those things, but the reality is that none of those things were responsible for the uncontrollable smile on my face all day Sunday.

No, my smile came from a much deeper place, an all-consuming place. It came from the unfathomable love I have for my husband. I have never doubted this love, but lately its power has overwhelmed me and I’m loving it.

In the weeks leading up to the shower, we decided to take on some major house projects we had shoved to the back burner. We decided on them together and we worked on them together. We have fun working together. Shared goals make that easy.

The day of the shower I felt we were at our absolute best. We were seamless. Like when I actually said the words, “I don’t have time to feed the kids,” he totally got it. He said nothing and the kids got Krystal’s for dinner. I love that man.

We love parties - both attending and hosting. He tended the bar. I met the guests and grabbed the gifts and coats. Between the two of us we managed to give tours of our home, keep the food and drinks refilled and mingle around the party with an occasional high five in the hallway as we passed each other.

When it was over, I found myself feeling like the luckiest girl in the world. I am certain that I must have been the envy of every person at that party. Sure I have a beautiful home and people noticed. And yes, the food was a hit and people commented. But what really sets me apart is that I have a marriage that is strong.

Sunday, while the kids were in Sunday school, we skipped our adult class and went to a local coffee shop. As we sat across the table I knew that I had fallen in love all over again. During our little summit we discussed our little family, our goals, our schedules, and our life.

It was the best hour of my week so far and let me tell you it will take a lot to top it. You see, if given the choice between spending time with anyone else and my husband, I will choose my husband every time. I love that about us. I love us. We’re good together.

My goal is not to gloat or make you jealous, but rather to challenge you. If you’re married, you shouldn’t be jealous of my marriage, you should be proud of your own. What I hope is that you feel the same love in your heart for your spouse that I do for mine. Wouldn’t it be great if every married person was this in love with his or her spouse? Wouldn’t the whole world look like a different place?

Bottom line is that I think my husband is the greatest earthly thing that’s ever happened to me. Because of him I have a beautiful family. Because of him, I have confidence. Because of him, I feel loved. I love him for all of these things but mostly I love him for being the man God created him to be and sharing his life with me and I want the world to know it.

You hear that world? I love my husband! Take that.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is one of the reasons we love you sooo much. God chose the perfect mate for our son.
Love, Damma and Papa

1:25 PM  

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