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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Crazy Day

I fell asleep watching a movie with Nelson last night...at 8:45 PM. Let me tell you why.

It was Thursday.

Get ready. Here goes:

*Up at 5:30 to run at 6.

*Back by 7 to help Nelson deliver breakfast in bed to our birthday boy, Dawson.

*Get kids off to school and go to get in the shower when Nelson reminds me the bug guy is coming so I put off the shower.

*Need to start dinner for another family but needed their crock-pot to do it. Couldn't get it because I was waiting for the bug guy. Started their dinner in my crock-pot, will have to wait on my own dinner.

*Bug guy arrives 30 minutes late and I have to unlock all the doors and follow him around.

*Realize Max needs to be at Catechesis in 10 minutes so shower has to wait. Decide instead to throw on some deodorant, clean clothes and rush him out the door.

*Hit my prayer group because I figured with the day ahead, I was going to need some prayer.

*Picked up Max and then picked up his play buddy for the day.

*Ran to school to pick up Dawson and take him and the two three-year-olds to lunch at Checkers.

*Got ready to order and Max had to pee. Had to walk through the parking lot to use the bathroom at Auto Zone with three vivacious boys. Nice.

*Ordered the food and tried to keep all boys from running in front of traffic. Then had to fend off a stranger who tried to take them into the driveway to feed the birds. Scary.

*Got Dawson back to school and finally made it to my friend's to grab the crock-pot.

*Took the two boys back to my house. They played dress up and I finally jumped in the shower, which on most days by this time I figure what's the use, but today was also the day we were having the family photo made for the parish directory. Definitely do not want the greasy, dirty hair look put down in history.

*Out of the shower with dripping hair and decide to use the two hours I had left to make cookies for the shower next week.

*Between trying to double a recipe that was entirely too big for my mixer and supervising two little boys, only got about 2 dozen done before it was time to run carpool.

*Got the three big kids home and let them snack on the one batch of cookies I forgot were in the oven while quizzing them on spelling and getting back to rolling and sprinkling cookies.

*In the middle of greasy hands and cookie crumbs everywhere, got a phone call from mom telling me she was bringing by some dear friends who dropped in from out of town for the day. Is now a good time?

*Yikes! Blitzed the house with the kids and had it picked up in about 20 minutes right as they pulled up. Toured the entire house and visited with the friend while trying to act as if I had nothing else to do.

*Finished with that tour about 10 minutes before my dad dropped by with the friend's husband and he too wanted the tour. Visited again and had to toss one more batch of cookies I forgot about again.

*Suddenly realized I had about 30 minutes to get kids in and showered for pictures and finish the meal for my neighbors so I said goodbye to the guests and finally threw in the towel about getting cookies finished today.

*Put on some rice, green beans and got rolls ready as I supervised all 4 taking showers and in between all that I ran up to get their clothes for the pictures.

*Nelson came in the door and noticed I was not ready for the photos. Do you want me to cancel? Seriously? No way, I told him. Do not want to try to do this again. Give me 10 minutes and please take dinner down the street to friends.

*Did my hair, make-up and got dressed in 10 minutes as well as doing Mackenzie's hair and taming the boys' hair and brushing their teeth.

*Bolted to the car and got to the church at the precise time of our appointment only to search all over for the location of the photographer.

*Got pictures taken and were done with the sales pitch in 30 min.

*Let Dawson choose where we picked up dinner as mine never made it into the crock-pot.

*Nelson went to pick up food while I went home with the kids. I wrapped gifts while the kids packed their lunches.

*Picked out movie we promised Dawson he could watch while he ate his dinner. Then let him open his gifts as Max passed out on my lap.

*Got kids to bed and cleaned up mess in kitchen and family room and wondered how in the world my day got so crazy.

*Should have felt like Supermom at the end of this day but definitely did not. Felt more like an exhausted, over-committed crazy woman in desperate need of some sleep. Actually left Dawson’s gifts scattered across family room and hit the sack.

And Friday, well it was kind of the same but I will not write about that so you don’t feel compelled to tell me that I should be committed. I blitzed through it at about the same pace as I did Thursday which explains why at 8:30, when I threw in the towel and decided to put my feet up and hang out with my husband, I promptly fell asleep.


Blogger Kelly said...

God bless you. Two burned batches of cookies on top of parish pictures would have done me in even in the absence of everything else.

We do need to have lunch more often!

3:06 PM  

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