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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Peace and Water

Today we celebrated Dawson's birthday a little early by taking him and all his buddies to Steed's Dairy Farm. We gathered at 9:30 AM after getting up early to make the requested banana pudding and blitz the house (why I feel the need to do this before it’s hit by a group of young boys is beyond me, but clean I did). We stayed at the farm until 2 at which point we came back home and had the pudding and opened presents. That was followed by a backyard soccer game, seeing off the boys and then cleaning the house again.

Needless to say, after whipping up some grilled ham and cheese sandwiches, I was pooped. As I ushered the boys into our shower, I spotted the computer on my bedroom floor. Once the water was going, I plopped myself down in front of it and, well...kind of stayed there.

I only felt slightly guilty about taking 10 minutes of quiet for myself. A good soaking, I told myself, is precisely what they need after today's activities. They were washing quietly and playing some game that required making very odd sounds with their mouths (sometimes, it's best not to know exactly what is going on). Everyone was happy.

In the process of typing this I've heard the following:

Boy 1: "Hey, what do I look like?"
Boy 2: "Uh, a naked guy walking around."

Boy 1: As the water was turned off, says, "Look at our faces. Dude, we need to rinse them off."
Boy 2: "Are they really dirty?"

Boy 3 walks in and Boy 1 says to Boy 2, "Do you think we need to wash him?" To which Boy 3 says, "Ah, yes."

Boy 2: "Look at that mess you just made. You better get that cleaned up before mom gets in here."

I think it's the longest shower in history...the water is still going and now they're singing Firework. But I'm still not feeling bad. No, I'm thanking God for the tankless water heater and pledging to take a really quick shower later.

Boy 2 interrupts me typing the final paragraph to ask me, “Do we really need to wash Max? We’re like done and out of the shower now.” And why I’d love to believe that simply standing in the water long enough will do the trick, I must end my moment of peace and do my job because the sooner I do, the sooner they can all pass out and I can have some real peace and quiet. That, and Boy 2 just informed me that Max likes it in there by himself.


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