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Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Happy All Saints Day!

Every year we attend the neighborhood All Saints Day party, I find myself secretly wishing we could just go trick-or-treating. It's not because the party isn't fun; it's just that you can't exactly find a saint costume on the rack at Wal-Mart and I don't sew.

However, watching the kids pour over the saint books discussing who they want to be and why makes me think that this is exactly what the All Saints Day party is about. It makes me happy to have discussions about the lives (and deaths) of these holy people. It's what passing the faith down to the next generation is all about. These costumes make an impression on them that lasts a lifetime.

This year the choices were (l to r): Aiden as John the Baptist (when I texted my friend to ask her about a costume I thought I remembered one of her boys wearing, she sent me back this idea and everyone loved it. It also won us second place! Many thanks Rach.), Mackenzie went as Kateri Tekakwitha for the third of fourth time (I was proud she still wanted to dress up), Max as "the Pope" (aka John Paul the Great), and Dawson as Jesus (who I'm also proud to say won FIRST place! Amazing what a little red and brown paint in the right places will do. I must say I think he impressed everyone with his willingness to be so scantily clad on a rather chilly night).


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