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Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Max Takes the Plunge

We spent a lot of time last week on vacation begging Max to jump into the pool. He would run out into the waves and get rolled around without a tear. He'd let them wash over him and just spit them back out. Jumping into the pool should be no problem after that right?

Not so in three-year-old logic. The mind was sort of willing but the legs just would not let him take the plunge.

But today, oh today was glorious in his triumph. He started by letting Mackenzie hold him as she jumped into the shallow end. Next, he held her hand as they jumped together. Finally he did it on his own. Before I knew it, he was going off the diving board without a word. By the time I took out my phone to capture it he was done with the board but still willing to go it alone...in the deep end.

Awesome, truly.


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