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Friday, July 29, 2011

Favorite Moments of the Day

On my final six mile morning run on the shady and flat paths I love on this island, one man on a bike passed me and yelled, "Good job! Keep up the good work!" What a difference encouragement makes!

Sitting in the shade in a nice Adirondack chair watching the troops fish. Enjoying the enthusiasm of a fifteen year old cousin catching some turtles. Then watching a seven foot alligator threaten to approach us. Excitement!

Holding Max and then my niece as the giant waves crashed over us. Then listening to the laughter and watching the smiles and sputters.

Inventing a bowling game on the beach with Aiden and playing it with him. We were having so much fun, we attracted a small crowd to watch and comment on his creativity.

Watching Max take on the waves all by himself. He got tossed and tumbled and turned and loved every minute of it. What a dramatic change!

Looking down in the surf and catching a starfish (even though I know they're technically sea stars now). Almost as cool as yesterday's dolphin sighting.

Having two brother-in-laws and that same fifteen year old cousin help me with my kids and all my beach stuff as we packed up and headed for the trolley. Melts my heart and makes me so grateful for a family who helps when the husband is not there.

Watching the nine kids inhale their snow cones and then freeze on the air-conditioned trolley.

Having Nelson's uncle tell me eye to eye that it wasn't all my son's fault with such sincerity that he made me cry. I love that man.

Kissing four pair of sun-kissed cheeks good night at the end of an exhausting but fun day.

The knowledge that we have one more whole day tomorrow to enjoy.


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