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Monday, July 18, 2011

Happy 8th Birthday Aiden!

Aiden, today you turn eight. I remember the day you were born like it was yesterday. I was sure you were a girl (we never find out before hand) even though you were pretty rough and tumble in the womb. I'm fairly certain if I bruise on the inside, you did it.

You came bursting into the world fast and furious. The doctor didn't get there and neither did the anesthesiologist. When they said, "It's a boy," none of that mattered. We were thrilled.

I learned in the hospital that the difference between boys and girls is inborn. Every day I am more convinced that is true because of you. You, my son, are nothing like your sister, which is probably a good thing. Boys are different and that's okay.
You are one of the most curious kids I know but what makes you stand out from most other kids who ask the non-stop questions is that you really want to know the answer. You are on a quest for more knowledge that I hope you continue throughout your life. You are very, very smart and I'm sure God has big things in store for you.

Happy Birthday!

Love, Mama


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