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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Stars in the Making

Mackenzie got to star in a local commercial last week. I didn't get word of this until about an hour before the shoot which was...in my home. I was a bit flabbergasted but could do nothing about it as I was cooking for dinner guests who were scheduled to arrive at the same time as the commercial. Ah, thus is my life ladies and gentlemen. The show must go on.

As you can imagine, the camera and lights attracted the attention of my three guys. Maximilian conned his way into some camera time with the crew. This cut is not in the commercial but it sure is cute. He was posing as a burglar, which I'm pretty sure he has no idea what that even means. When he looks up, he's looking at me, who's telling him to make a mean face. The result is comic gold.


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too precious!

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