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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Looking Forward to February

January has proven to be a tough beginning. I thought New Year's Day was going to make the rest of the year look easy, but Friday I attended my third funeral in as many weeks. I’ve had enough to do with death this month, thank you.

I currently sit here with two kids who spiked high fevers Sunday. They are doing better, but haven't been fever free for 24 hours yet. My mom has also been pretty sick, which means I have also been home yesterday and today too. I'm confirming a fact that I learned long ago - most of the time it's easier to do your life than to find someone else to fill in. Missing yesterday and today involved no less than seven phone calls to get rides, take care of all the carpools I do and get a sub for school.

Today Nelson is leaving town for a few days, I'm making food for two families as well as a baby shower for a friend. Oh yeah, and Nelson's cousin is moving in with us on Friday (this we're excited about because we love her and she loves our kids).

There are lots of feelings to process, tasks to do and people to care for (ever notice that when your husband leaves town he wants the ONE pair of pants that are dirty? Ya know I love ya hon!).

I'm still here (there and everywhere). I'm hoping February offers a few more moments to record more than my to do list.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

if it helps, k may not be there until sat. i've got money on late saturday... hope the children feel better soon and that she can be a help to you.

2:40 PM  

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