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Monday, January 10, 2011

An Icy Snow Day

Having Monday off can become habit forming. It started snowing around 9:30 last night and began collecting immediately. It did that for several hours. Today we awoke to happy squeals and immediate requests to go outside.
It took some serious layering and scrounging around since one son happened to leave his winter coat at school over the weekend, but we managed to get them all covered.

Playing was a bit of a challenge since it was mostly ice by the time we made it outside. We managed to have some fun anyway. The guys got in an ice war with the boys across the street.
I spent my time crafting an ice woman. This proved to be quite a task. I decided to keep it small since I had to make it from the snow and ice on the trampoline in the back and then carry the pieces to the front. She wasn't big, but boy does she have style. And Max thought she was just right.
I know it's not much, but remember I live in the South and we are not prepared for weather like this so it shuts the whole town down. Seriously, our pediatrician's office was closed, Nelson had the day off and currently they are closing down parts of the interstate and major roads. Of course, none of this bothers me because it adds up to another day off tomorrow!

We played, warmed up by the fire, drank hot chocolate, and then played some more. Nelson played poker with the boys and Mackenzie helped me style the snow woman. Max would play like crazy and then suddenly look up and say, "Brrr! I am COLD! I need to go inside!"

All you have to do though is to look at our faces in this last photo - pure joy. I am thankful for the day off and so excited to have another day to ourselves tomorrow. I am loving these short weeks! Bring on the snow.


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