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Thursday, September 10, 2009

First Day Of School

Since my mind is going nonstop this week and I've got that deer in the headlights kind of feeling getting back into teaching, I thought a few photos could fill the space today.

The only way I got them to pose for this that morning,
was to agree to let them do this.
Now that she's a fourth grader (did I just say that?), Mackenzie gets to move up the bleachers for assemblies.
And Aiden, well, he's pleased as can be that being a first grader means he gets to stay at school all day with Mackenzie. "That's six and a half hours!" he told me that afternoon.
Unfortunately, I was too busy being nervous about teaching as well as getting all the memories recorded for my kids to bother taking one picture of me matching them that morning. Oh well, maybe on the last day...if I make it:)


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