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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Sweet Memories

Tonight, after a VERY long day, instead of being impatient (as so often happens in my very pregnant, uncomfortable and exhausted state), I held my baby Dawson on my lap so he could reach the sink to spit, realizing that in a few short weeks he is going to look like a giant next to my newborn and will lose this baby status. I brushed his teeth a little longer.

Over the past week I have had moments when I've seen Aiden as the kindergartener he will be next year. Sometimes it's what he's wearing. Other times it's how he is able to do so much by himself. Even the way he speaks gets my attention and all of a sudden my little guy looks very old. Tonight I was glad that he was too exhausted to wipe off my good night kiss.

And Mackenzie has become my Miss Independent. It's not unusual for her to get herself up, dressed and fed. Sometimes she feeds the boys too. She packs her own lunch, picks out her own clothes and is suddenly more interested in being at her friends' houses than her own. She was already asleep when I came to tuck her in tonight and flinched not once as I kissed her and made the Sign of the Cross on her forehead.

As I sit her contemplating these moments, I realize that they are growing up right in front of me. I recognize that these days will soon be a distant memory. There will be lots of other memories to be sure, but these memories of their youngest days will always be tender and sweet enough to bring a tear to my eye like the one currently hanging on for dear life.

And then this little baby inside of me changes positions, gives a little kick and vibrates as if the hiccups have taken hold. I am no longer aware of my discomfort. I am not thinking about how tired I am. I am instead thanking God for the gift of this little one and the chance to experience all of this sweetness again.


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