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Monday, January 14, 2008

Random Thoughts

It's funny how your mind works. You know, those times when you start out thinking about what you have to do and end up thinking about what you had to eat - weird, out there, stream of conscience type moments.

For instance, this morning as I was huffing and puffing my way through putting on my compression stockings I was thinking how much I loathe being pregnant this go around. That led me to the knowledge that although I loathe the pregnancy, I love the idea of this life growing inside of me. Then I prayed for all women who would give anything to be in my shoes right now. Then I remembered that my dad was coming over with some help to take things out of the attic so that I could pack them up and move them over to the house. I wondered how much I would be able to do before having to stop and rest. Oh yeah, and I have a doctor's appointment Wednesday. Did I make arrangements for the kids? Yes. Oh wait a minute, I think there's a Little Sisters' activity this week, I better check my calendar. Man, it's Friday, I have to send out email reminders, call the place and make arrangements, find a place for the boys....wait a minute...it's an outing...at the Aquatics Center...we're taking the girls swimming...ummm...the water will probably feel great. I might actually feel light again for a little bit.

Hold on! In order to get in the water, I'll have to put on my suit AND shave my legs. OH MY GOSH! I'm going to bare my vein ridden, more purple than peach colored legs in public. Legs that gross my own kids out and garner reactions like, "EWW! How big are those things going to get?"

Do you think anyone would think it's strange to see a 33 week pregnant woman swimming in an indoor pool in her husband's wet suit?


Blogger My name is Dianna said...

have at it, amy! besides a wet suit isn't that heavy is it? I thought about swimming in a long dress...but, then getting out of the water in all that wet cotton, it might prove so heavy that i may not be able to carry the weight...and as far as leg shaving, i must cut down the vines for fear of the girls getting tangled in them and never resurfacing...one leg at a time:) but, like you, oh so worth being weightless and having equal support all around me, I'll brave my suit...

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