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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Another New Year

Ah, another year is upon us. I have to admit that although I love the idea of a big New Year's celebration, I don't think I'm going to celebrate this one until the baby is born. As of yesterday we're nine weeks away from my due date and counting...and I do meant counting.

The holidays were great. As usual, I pulled a few all nighters to get everything done but once Christmas hit, I put on the breaks for a whole week. Christmas was spent opening every present we got the kids. For one day I didn’t say, "Not now". We actually played every game, read every new story and even did a few crafts. Nelson was even able to resist the urge to work on the house, so we were actually all together the whole day. I turned in fairly early and very satisfied at spending the day just as I should, with my precious family.

When New Year's Day came around the nesting instinct kicked in and I realized that I have a house to pack before this baby is born. The mind is willing but the body is weak. I started by packing away the large bookshelf in our living room. After filling four crates and two boxes and transferring them from the living room to the kitchen, I had to sit down. I had a few contractions and was completely and totally out of breath. SO FRUSTRATING.

I'm not sure what God had in mind when he gave me this pregnancy at this time, but I'm going to have to accept it (yeah, I know it's already been 31 weeks - I'm a slow learner). I'm going to have to develop a different strategy for this whole packing thing. Not sure what it is except for now it's been trying two boxes a day and stacking them up in my kitchen waiting for my husband to find the time to carry them to the car and over to the house.

As for the resolutions, here's what I've decided: it's been a tough 31 weeks and I don't want to set myself up for more frustration. In 2008 I resolve to deliver this baby and move into my new house. And, once the baby is past infancy and the boxes are unpacked, I will CELEBRATE the dawning of a new era in my life.

Happy New Year everyone!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Mrs. Parris,

I have been reading your posts with such joy for you and your new baby....prayers to you all!

I had to pack and move our home with two littles and a baby on the way....

As one Mom to another, please try to find a couple of youngish girls (10-12) to be a Mommy's helper...
They can play with the kids, read a few books and generally help you watch over and entertain your young ones. They might take turns helping you load books into boxes and using a furniture dolly, move boxes around so you do not have to do it all yourself. And you do not have to leave them alone, so you can feel confident in their safety.

True, they will not do it as perfectly as you would, but you have the critical *36* week mark to make it to, for your baby's health and growth. I know you feel very overwhelmingly busy right now---but the most important job, is growing that little one. Only YOU can do that, as you know, so be gentle with your body and yourself because I do not think you would be much of a fan of 9 weeks of "bedrest", right?

Love and prayers,

5:20 PM  
Blogger Amy Parris said...


Thank you for your practical advice. Just a note, anyone with this much wisdom can certainly feel free to call me Amy instead of Mrs. Parris :). I hope you visit often.

8:54 AM  

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