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Thursday, January 03, 2008

These Are A Few of Our Favorite Things

This year was Aiden's Buzz Lightyear year. After our trip to Disney, he totally fell in love and Santa honored that. In his hand is a gun similar to the one he got to "shoot" on the ride at Disney. He loves it!
The boys started the season asking for remote control helicopters, but after seeing how much they cost as well as the fact that they're still a little too young for such a toy, I had to come up with a strategy. I had already purchased them each a set that had a tent, sleeping bag and flashlight.

When we were in line to see Santa, I asked Aiden what he was going to ask for and he responded with his usual, "a remote control helicopter". I spent a minute explaining that Santa doesn't always give us everything we ask for and that his choice might be a bit too old for him. He looked at me totally puzzled as to what to ask for instead.

"How about a sleeping bag? You don't have one like Mackenzie does." Before I could say anything else, Aiden's eyes twinkled and he said, "I'm going to ask him for a sleeping bag, tent and flashlight." God is so good to me!We set the tents up immediately and they filled our little living room. We put them on top of the boys' beds for a few nights and let them sleep in them. However, after a week of virtually sleepless "camping" nights, we finally put them away until we get into the new house.
Mackenzie was inspired with a new love for Tinkerbell after the Disney trip and was thrilled to receive Tinkerbell pajamas as well as a Tinkerbell "Polly Pocket" set. However, her biggest thrill was the one thing she asked Santa for - a hula hoop. Man, I love this season of the kids being so totally easy to thrill!


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