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Monday, January 07, 2008

An Exciting Revelation

I have a Christmas journal that someone gave me for a wedding gift. It allows me to rehash all the Christmas stuff at the end of the season and include a favorite card and family photo.

Every year we have taken our picture sitting on the ground in front of the tree. Usually we do it at Epiphany because I suddenly remember that Christmas is about to come down and we have yet to take the photo.

Now let me tell you, taking a self-timed photo at 31+ weeks pregnant and trying to get up from the set up, run over to the group and then settle down before the camera goes off is no easy task. Combine that with two lively and playful little boys and you've got quite a memorable experience.
However, last night as we giggled our way through multiple tries at a half descent photo, I came to the realization that this is our last photo in front of this tree in this little house.

Today as I began to take it all down instead of feeling just a little sad, I became really, really excited. You see the boxes I got down from the attic are not going back up. Rather, they are going over...to another attic...in our new house! The time is truly near. And today, for a few moments, I felt nothing but sheer excitement.


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