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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Taking In Jesus

This morning at mass my boys were being much more quiet and better behaved than yesterday. It probably helped that my mom was there and came out to the vestibule to sit with us.

Right after the gospel was read, both Aiden and Dawson managed to climb up into my lap. It was nothing short of miraculous and it felt so nice.

The gospel was the one where the disciples are asking Jesus who among them is the greatest. Jesus has them look at the children and tells them that unless they become humble like a child, they will not enter his Kingdom. He then says that whoever takes in one of these little ones, takes him in as well.

My eyes welled up with tears. Wasn't it just yesterday that Aiden again pointed to Jesus on his wrinkled fingers? Aren't I the most blessed woman in the world to have three healthy, beautiful children who help make me more holy?

I actually thought that at that moment everyone without children must have been just a little jealous of the moms who were holding their babies. Motherhood is such a precious gift.


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