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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Pro-Life Rally

Because this weekend is the anniversary of the Roe V. Wade decision, I took the kids down to the Pro-Life Rally at our local Planned Parenthood. It was a very peaceful, prayerful demonstration.

To me the issue is so clear. Fetus is just another name for baby. Abortion is just another word for murder. If we can charge someone with a double homicide for killing a pregnant woman, why then is it legal if the woman chooses to kill the baby herself? I can understand how a scared, uneducated teenage girl could consider an abortion. However, I will never be able to understand how the medical personnel who perform and assist in these murders do not think what they're doing is wrong.

Yesterday, while we were singing and praying in front of the clinic, the lady who runs it came out to video tape the rally. Why she was doing that I have no idea; but, what happened next absolutely blew me away.

We were in the process of praying for all of the people who work in the clinic when the rally leader called the administrator by name and asked us all to turn to her. Then he said, "Let's all tell her how we really feel about her."

He asked us to point our hands in her direction and sing these words to her:
We love you with the love of the Lord. Yes, we love you with the love of the Lord. We can see in you the glory of our King and we love you with the love of the Lord.

I have to tell you that it was hard for me to sing that song to her. But I knew Jesus would want us to do it. It's what He did. It's what He does. He died so that sins like hers...like ours, can be forgiven.

God bless that woman, her coworkers and workers like them all over the world. God bless every woman who has had, will consider or help someone else have an abortion. God protect every innocent life from the point of conception until natural death. God bless us all, everyone.


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