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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Caught Walking

Dawson turns 15 months old tomorrow and has been on the verge of walking for the last month. All three of my kids have been late crawlers - Mackenzie only scooted and Aiden didn't crawl until we got some physical therapy at 10 months - and late walkers.

Yesterday, I saw Dawson standing in the hall taking a few hesitant steps and decided to get out the video camera to record the progress. As I began filming, I explained on camera that I was merely trying to record him on the verge because I don't consider it walking until they stand up and walk again on their own after a fall.

At that very moment Dawson fell down. Then, to my amazement, he stood on his own and walked all the way down the hall to me. I was so excited you would have thought that I had never seen anyone walk before.

There he was - my walking boy. And, I caught it all on tape.


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