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Monday, August 25, 2014

The Final Countdown

Today we got word that we’ll have insurance through August 31st. That gives us 5 business days.

“I want you to call everyone’s doctor. Get the kids in to get everything checked while you can. Get them in to see the eye doctor. Call your doctor. Let’s make this week count,” were Nelson’s instructions this morning.

As everyone knows, working with insurance companies is a complicated and frustrating matter. You can’t just take kids in for random check-ups; you have to wait the allotted time between appointments. Complicate that with trying to get in to see the doctors on such short notice and you have a recipe for a stressful week. Sweet.

I forged ahead. Health matters and insurance is my responsibility so I got on the phone remembering that this is one big way I can support Nelson. It felt good to be able to do something proactive in all of this mess.

First up was Mackenzie who will turn 14 (what?!) on Friday. She already has freshman orientation that morning, her first volleyball game that afternoon, and a big sister/little sister social that night. We had agreed not to have her check up squeezed into that day as well. “Can’t I just celebrate it on another day?” was her request as the reality of growing older settled in. I told her that reality stinks but I could at least do that for her and scheduled her check up in September instead.

I called her pediatrician and explained our situation. “Is there anyway you can get her in this week?”

“Well her doctor (a female) doesn’t have anything but Dr. X (the other kids’ doctor and a male) has an appointment at 11:30.”

“I’ll take it,” was my grateful response.

Then I had to explain the situation to Mackenzie. I knew that having to go on her birthday was going to be hard, but what would be even harder for her was seeing a male doctor. Something happened when she became a teenager and suddenly her life long pediatrician was no longer acceptable simply because he was a man. I understood and we were able to keep her in the same practice with a sweet, young female doctor who she loves.

Her eyes got wide as I explained how the insurance works and that we were very limited on our time. I told her how very sorry I was but that this was a small sacrifice she could make to help support her daddy. She handled it beautifully. I was amazed at her maturity. It was the first shock absorber God sent and I was truly grateful.

Next up was Aiden who thankfully had just had his well check-up. However, he had failed his hearing check at the highest decibel in both ears. He was also having some difficulty breathing and speaking nasally. We were sent for some facial x-rays but hadn’t heard anything.

We went back in with him last Thursday because he had some severe swelling behind one of his ears. While we were there, I asked about the x-rays and we got a referral to the ENT. “Don’t call them,” his doctor told me. “They will call you with an appointment.”

About the time I finished on the phone with the pediatrician, the ENT called. “Hi Mrs. Parris, we have an appointment for Aiden this Thursday at 2 PM. Will you be able to make it?”

“Is there any way we can get an appointment earlier in the week?” Then I explained what was happening and that we needed to get in as soon as we can in case something else has to be done.

Something tells me I’m going to give that story a lot this week.

The woman on the phone was kind and compassionate. “Let me see, we’ve got one opening but it’s tomorrow and it’s at our other office. I’d hate for you to have to make that drive.”

“I’ll take it!” was my grateful response. The fact that they called today and had an appointment tomorrow is nothing short of a miracle. That place can take months to get into.

The rest of the day went much the same and by the afternoon I had appointments for all of the big kids to get the flu mist, Aiden with the ENT, Mackenzie for a check-up, a check-up for me and eye appointments for all of us. The timing wasn’t right for Dawson or Max and Felicity had just had her 9-month check-up a few weeks ago.

All that and I’m hosting a baby shower here Wednesday. Thank goodness I’ve already purchased everything and I asked our families not to say anything until it’s over. This shower is for a miracle baby we’ve been praying for for years. We WILL celebrate with joy!

Not exactly what I had planned for the week before school begins, but then again, none of this is really what I had planned.

God has a funny way of doing that; however, I don’t think it’s too funny right now. But hey, that’s okay, He’s used to that.


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