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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

A Hairy Situation

A local pizza place was running a super special today. We decided to take the boys out for lunch to enjoy the great food for really low prices.

We’ve been working on teaching them the proper dress for the proper occasion. This involves a lot of instruction as well as several trips back up the stairs to find clothes that match AND are appropriate.

When I’ve got my act together, I try to head them off at the pass with something like, “We’re going out to lunch. Remember no gym shorts.” This is Nelson’s major pet peeve. As far as he’s concerned gym shorts and t-shirts are for working out and playing in the backyard NOT for going anywhere in public that does not involve athletic participation.

They all came into the bathroom to get approval and comb their over grown summer buzz cuts. Amazingly, they all succeeded in dressing correctly. Since they saved the time of trekking back upstairs to change, they had a little extra time to spend on their hair.

Of course, this does not strike me as anything less than miraculous. These are the same boys who would rather go to school with hair going all over the place than sit still to fix it. However, we now have a boy entering middle school, and something has changed. He combs his own hair now…before he goes to the pool. See? Miraculous.

Today he had a very cool look going on. His hair was combed normally except for the front part, which was standing up. Though it’s difficult to describe, it really was a good look for him and I told him so.

That was all it took for the little guys to get into the action. Combs came out, gel was being used and Aiden was none too pleased that they wanted to do their hair like his. This meant they had to figure out another style that absolutely had to include the gel. This was not an easy task.

Dawson set to work as Max walked in with his hair gelled to the nines. Every single hair on his head was standing on end straight…all over his head.

“Um Max?”
“Yes Mama?”

“I see where you’re going with your hair, I’m just not too sure that Daddy is going to approve of going out in public like that.”

“Oh it’s okay,” he let me know. “I think it’s cool so it’s totally fine with me.”

And that’s how we left it. Sometimes you fight the battle, and sometimes you smile at the fact that boys will be boys and hair standing up on purpose is much more cool than bed head.


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