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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Mother Nature at Her Finest

The boys are getting used to the breastfeeding around here. It began with  numerous questions. "How does she eat while she's sleeping? Did I eat like that? How does she know she can drink from there? How do they make milk?"

I try to answer as honestly and real as the situation allows. My hope is that they will see it as a very natural thing so that one day, if they get married and their wives choose to do the same, they will go with the flow (um, excuse the pun).

Lately, I've felt like maybe I've gotten them a little too comfortable with it. They don't hesitate to kiss her goodnight...even if she's in the middle of eating. This is a little weird for me, I won't lie, but again, in an effort to see it as normal, I try not to react. 

I know that breastfeeding is all about bonding time with the baby. I also see all those beautiful pictures of mothers breastfeeding in total peace and solitude. This is not my reality. Life with five kids does not lend itself to moments like this (or moments of solitude at all...like ever). 

This afternoon I was feeding Felicity while I was helping Max with his homework. As he was writing, he looked up and remarked, "Wow Mama, your breast is...um...very juicy."

So, now that we've reached total comfort level, it may be time for a little more discretion.


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