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Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Augusta Ironman 70.3

Today was the big day. And the weather today was a cool, overcast day - perfect for racing.

Brian is the one swimming in the red cap. I love that I caught him swimming. I love that silly look on his face. He looked great here.
This is right after his transition. I mean can you imagine getting on a bike after swimming 1.2 miles? These athletes are truly amazing.

Somehow I managed to get a photo of the best looking spectator at the race.

This was Kevin's first Ironman event and his first real open water swim. His goal was two-fold: not drown and finish in under an hour. He did both with plenty of time to spare.

And he was hap, hap, happy about it.

Can I just say best fan club ever? You're a lucky dawg Uncle Kev.

We bring quite a cheering squad with us. We had so much fun cheering for everyone. The kids especially loved giving the runners high fives as they passed by.

I love this picture. Doesn't he look happy and free? Now I'll ask, what would you look like after swimming 1.2 miles, biking 56 miles and then going out and running 13.1?

Max was super duper excited about this photo opportunity.

This is Brian right around 10 miles. He's not looking so happy and free here. Believe me, he was not feeling either of those emotions, but he was moving forward. He was getting the job done. He was amazing.
Finish line pictures are the best. There's that smile again. There’s genuine happiness. There’s sweet relief.

Brian you were amazing today! We are so proud of you!
Kevin, we think you're pretty cool too. Great job guys!


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