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Thursday, September 27, 2012

It's a Jungle for this Cowboy

Max has been into playing cowboy lately. He's found our reserve of cowboy hats and has been galloping around the house shouting, "Nee how!"

He galloped through the kitchen today riding a big stuffed elephant he has (Roll Tide!). "Nee how!" he shouted as he pulled its ears to a halt.

"Max, you know, cowboys yell, 'Yee haw!' Try saying that. Yee...just like yellow."

After a few practices, he finally got it and away he trotted, only to return moments later, this time with a cowboy hat on the elephant as well.

"You know, Mama," he said in the exact tone I had just used with him, "I need you to buy me a horse. Cowboys ride horses, not elephants."

Knowing he was right but not wanting to commit to a horse just yet, I offered, "You're right buddy. Cowboys DO ride on horses...except, when they're in the jungle. Cowboys definitely ride elephants in the jungle."

His eyes widened and his dimples deepened. "RIGHT! They DO ride elephants in the jungle. Yee haw!" And he trotted off into the sunset, hat on head.


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