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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Have a Little Faith in Him

When you know and love a lot of people, you have the opportunity to experience the gamut of emotions available to the human race.

My mother-in-law has often said that we attend more weddings than anyone she knows and she's probably right. We are honored to share such a monumental occasion in people's lives. It also reminds us of what we're doing, how in love we were on our wedding day, and how much better and deeper that love grows over time.

We know lots of people having babies and I've even been present for a birth or two that were not my own. It's a miraculous moment, one in which I have a hard time believing that anyone can witness and still say there's no God. Holding those tiny, squishy newborns is one of the most awe-inspiring feelings out there.

On the other hand, when you're close enough to be present at the birth of these children, you're close enough to be involved in their lives. We've made grocery runs for Gatorade for kids throwing up. We've prayed for friends' children struggling with educational and emotional issues. We've watched in admiration as friend's lovingly raise kids with disabilities and serious illnesses. We've cried together with parents because we know that when it's your kid, it is a big deal.

We have attended more funerals than I care to count. We've said many a good-bye at a loved one's deathbed. We've made meals, loaned black dresses and shoveled dirt graveside. It is heart-wrenching to feel the loss of someone you love. Sadness, anger and depression often rear their ugly heads. And yet, when people have faith, when they really love the Lord, death can also be a thing of beauty - a rite of passage so to speak. Funerals are a reminder to all of us of what we have to endure to see the glory of Heaven.

I have prayed for years for friends to get pregnant. I've had other friends ask me to pray that God give them a little break in the fertility department. I've prayed for people to find a good job, a good husband, a good car. I have prayed for people who were dying and are still here to talk about it. I have also prayed for people who were sick to be healed that never were.

Over the past few months I've added to my prayers several long time friends who are really struggling. One is trying to adopt a sweet baby, another is suffering the agony of a divorce, and another has had cancer return. My heart-is-heavy.

When so many heavy things happen at once it's tempting to doubt God but more appropriate to question His methods. I think God's okay with the questioning. We're only humans after all. But I'm finding more and more, the older I get, the less angry I get with God over these matters. If I've learned anything from my life, it's that God's plans are much better than mine. Knowing that makes it hard for me to be angry with Him for too long.

I make meals, run carpools and clean house for friends in need but the most important thing I do, the thing that makes the most difference, is to pray for them. I pray in great faith that God can work miracles. I pray with the knowledge that God is very good at working with plan B. I pray above all that no matter how much it hurts, or how much I don't want it, I pray His perfect will be done.
And I look to Max and his unwavering faith. God's got this.


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