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Tuesday, August 07, 2012

A Simple Reminder

In mass on Sunday I was acutely aware of how much time I spent correcting the kids.

Sit up straight.

Sing please.

Kneel up tall. Get your bottom off the pew.

You have to move your lips to say the prayer.

Please don't use that bulletin as an eyeglass.

Fold your hands.

Bow your head.


I wish I could say that's where it ended, but well, you get the idea. This is nothing out of the ordinary. Every mass is like this these days and it's a challenge.

Some Sundays I handle it. Other Sundays I survive it. Then, there are times when I think I lose more grace than I get (even though I know that's not true).

This Sunday, however, God reminded me that He's a lot like that with us. We sin and sin and sin and sin. He reminds us, prompts us, and redirects us...constantly.

It was a helpful perspective. Makes me want to change.


Blogger Mom Nages said...

I have felt this way too. When I feel frustrated that my toddler disobeys or doesn't listen, I'm often acutely aware that I am worse than a toddler to Him. When I struggle to show grace, I'm aware of just how much of a gift it is. Nothing has helped me understand His love for us like being a mom!

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Blogger Amy Parris said...


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