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Friday, July 06, 2012

Lake Murray in Pictures

I talked about how wonderful this little excursion was here, but I thought the photos might help you understand my love for this lake life better.

First you need to know that lakes in general hold a very special place in my heart largely due to this wonderful man. Growing up, we spent every summer I can remember on Lake Martin in Alabama. My uncle had a little two bedroom, 1 bath cabin that we all piled in. We slept on the floor and never complained. I'm not really sure how we managed all of us with only one shower but I do remember my aunt throwing my cousin a bar of soap as he jumped into the lake so that could explain it. Whatever the case, I have nothing but good, warm, wonderful memories of our times there.

Each morning on Lake Murray began with a flock of geese walking through our yard. It was so very sweet to watch the boys watch those birds.
This boy swam over 1,000 meters without any flotation device at all. He was simply amazing.  

 Of course, all that swimming did wear him out...for a bit.
 This little guy was happy as a clam to just float around. Even though he has learned to swim this summer, he's not all about doing it where he can't touch the bottom. This was fine for me because he required very little watching in this amazing jacket that is on its fourth kid.
 Of course the hottest day of the year required lots of sunscreen and hydration. Not one of them ever complained about how hot it was that day.
 Even the big kids liked the floats. He was also game for raft freeze tag and the jump or dive game we played off the dock. Little brothers rock like that.
 This was me after my first big open water swim. I swim so much better than I run. Well, at least it hurts a lot less.
 Lakes, I am convinced, bring people together. Everyone on a lake is friendly. Seriously, when you're on the water, what do you have to worry about?
 And after a full day in the sun and water, more water was just what this guy wanted. I know he may hate me for this picture one day but he's just too stinkin' cute not to include it. It's only a matter of time until he's too big for pictures like this, but for now he was totally content with a tub full of water and a rubber ducky.


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