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Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday Fast Before I Try to Get to Bed Earlier Than Midnight

1. Left the house at 8:15 this morning and returned an hour ago. I do not know how moms work full time. Seriously...how?

2. Taught art to the third grade which was totally fun. Have I ever mentioned how much I love teaching? Well, I do. Seems it doesn't really matter what the subject is either. What you may not know is that I love art...the arts...all of them. I wanted to be a musician, artist, actress, writer when I grew up. Teaching seemed to be the practical way to do them all. Dude, in an elementary class, when you're teaching art, you are a rock star!

3. Volunteered for several hours at a children's consignment sale today. I never cease to be amazed at the amount of stuff people get for their kids nor how much they spend to get it. Granted, a consignment sale offers many bargains too good to be passed up, but seriously, some people need to do just that.

4. Ran into an old running buddy at the sale and hugged her so tightly. She was the one who ran back to find me and run me in on my first ever 10 mile run...the one that ended in tears. She is a hero to me and always will be. She's now expecting baby number two and was positively glowing. I hugged her again before she left. So glad she shopped today.

5. Today the temperatures never rose past 68 and it was gorgeous. Grey skies, crisp air, and even a few reddening leaves. Boy, oh boy do I love fall. I'm praying like crazy that this is exactly the weather we have next Sunday when I run in the Half Ironman, since I think I'll be starting my run sometime after noon. Wouldn't that be amazing?

6. We watched Mackenzie play in her third volleyball game this afternoon. It's kind of painful to watch them at this stage. All I can say is thank God for rally scoring, and hopefully, they'll be better next year.

7. We have a busy weekend on the books and as fun and good as everything that we have going on is, after a busy week, a busy weekend is not the best medicine. And next Saturday Mackenzie is going to take a babysitter's course. Did I just say that? Is it really possible that my baby might soon be watching other people's babies? Gulp.

Next weekend is also the Half Ironman...double gulp. I think I'd be ok about this race if I didn't have real teammates connected to my running times. You know what though; they can't say I didn't warn them. And, who knows, maybe I'll have the race of my life. Probably not, but maybe. (I'm trying the whole positive thinking thing before the race this go around.)


Blogger nicole said...

Good luck! Your teammates wouldn't have wanted you if they had doubts about your abilities. You'll do great.

My 4th grader is playing volleyball for the first time too. Brief moments of excitement followed by stretches of serve after serve after serve with no return. It reminds me of tee ball, where the real excitement is the rare out. ;)

10:32 AM  
Blogger Amy Parris said...

Thanks Nicole. Maybe one day we can do a race together and actually meet in real life. :-)

10:26 PM  

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