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Thursday, September 15, 2011

How the Ball Starts Rolling

I've spent several hours over the last few days preparing to teach third grade art tomorrow. This, of all the things I'm doing now, is the only one I actually volunteered for. It was one of my favorite things about teaching last year so I figured once a month in one of my own children's classes would be a great opportunity to stay connected.

Want to hear something funny? The more art projects I consider, the more I'm thinking that once a month is just not enough time for all the fun things I have in mind. Then my mind jumped to how I could reproduce some of the lessons and give them to the other teachers to use. Suddenly I envisioned myself heading up elementary art. See where this is heading?

As much as I say I'd be happy sitting around doing nothing for a very long time, my mind and heart won't let me do that. I'm crazy, I know, but I come by it very naturally and have had plenty examples of good servants in my life. Seems it's just who I am.

Don't worry though, in my old age I've learned (at least partially) that there is a limit to what I can actually do with four kids and a husband in my care. I didn't volunteer for heading up elementary art....yet.


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