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Friday, August 05, 2011

Master Bath Upgrade

Waiting on my new running watch to charge up, I came across a bunch of pictures I've never shared. Remember when I talked about how the decorating bug had bit me? What follows is just a small example. I hope more will follow.

These are not pictures of that little laundry room curtain, but they'll have to do for tonight. This is a picture of the master bathroom. When I'm asked about my favorite parts of the house, I always put my bathroom at the top of the list. It turned out just like I pictured when we designed it. It has a spa-like quality that I love. I love it, but it needed something.

In shopping for my curtains, I happened upon some things that gave me a few ideas about how to make the space a little more inviting and warm. I started searching for some vases. I was shocked at how expensive they are. Vases, $75, really? I had almost given up (because I'm too cheap to spend that kind of money on a simple decoration) when I found these for a fraction of the price. I love them.

We searched for three years for just the right furniture piece for this little space and for Christmas we found this little gem. However, once I got it in there, it too needed something.

Enter vase number two. It just happens to go with the first one but is different enough to do the trick. The height of the flowers seems to work.

There is one more change I made that I'll post when I snap a photo of it. What I'm amazed by is how inexpensive it was and what an impact it has.


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