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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Grocery Woes

I went to the grocery store today...with all of the kids. Now this is not an abnormal event. I've been doing it all summer out of pure necessity - unless I want to shop after Nelson gets home(dark), which in our neck of the woods is not a good idea; or go on a Saturday, which I try to avoid at all costs.

It seems that the behavior of the group has declined as the summer has progressed. Yesterday was the crowning glory. The kids were nearly out of control and I was a vision of a mother on the edge.

Needless to say, we left with me in fumes and a few children in big trouble.

At dinner I was letting Nelson know about the trip and the repercussions. I decided to let the boys explain it themselves, foolishly thinking that this might have some kind of wonderful, thoughtful impact.

"Well, we were bad," Aiden said. "Do you just mean that or all of the stuff we did?"

"I think you two should take turns telling Daddy each thing you did," I said, hoping if nothing else, Nelson might get a small window into my world.

"Okay," Aiden began, "well, first I knocked over those drinks."

"I walked by those cards and knocked them over," Dawson added.

"I ran down the opposite aisle of Mama and surprised her," he explained as he drew out the game plan on the table with a big smile erupting.

Dawson now began to giggle as he admired his brother's handy work. "I hopped down the aisle when you told me to stay by you."

"We blocked that man in the wheelchair cart from coming down the aisle because we were both laying on the floor looking at that huge crack," he giggled again nearly high-fiving Dawson.

"And when you were checking out, I ran over to the change machine instead of staying by you," Dawson remembered.

"I guess I did that too," remembered Aiden.

Nelson's eyes were huge; mine were near tears from trying to hold in the laughter. Somehow it all seemed pretty funny in retrospect. Nobody has shopping trips this bad.

I did not feel that way at the store. In fact I told Nelson that I'm not sure I was a very good witness. "People must have been looking at me and thinking that I'm the meanest mother on earth."

Nelson stopped me and said, "I see mothers like you and think, 'Good job!'"

In the end, it was just another day doing "the hardest job on earth", according to my father-in-law. Some days are just better than others. My only hope is that working through days like this will make days in the future a little easier.


Blogger Mrs. Bubbles said...

I've read your blog since right before Max was born, but I haven't commented much. I just wanted to say that one, I love this. I can tell just from reading this what a wonderful mom you are, and even in telling such a disastrous story (which, btw, is a near weekly occurrence around here :)), you shine with grace and honesty. My kids are 2 1/2 and 13 months, and your posts always inspire me and remind me that I will (God willing!) make it through to the other side. :) God bless your family!

11:38 PM  
Anonymous Kelly said...

I needed a laugh this morning.

Sooo funny to read about -soooo unfunny to live through. Good for Nelson being thankful for those stern mothers who don't condone bad behavior.

8:54 AM  
Blogger nicole said...

Oh I have been there. School started this week and it was definitely time for our family. We all need the structure and routine that going to school fosters. I hope your next grocery trip is much more peaceful.

As for being a witness, we are showing that it is hard, but also worth it. Honesty is the best witness, not fake perfection.

9:24 AM  
Blogger Amy Parris said...

Thanks for the encouragement ladies. And Mrs. Bubbles, you WILL make it. Every day it gets a little easier...well, except on days like this one. Sometimes it's a little harder.

Hard or not, the children are always a blessing and I'm so grateful to be their Mama.

11:42 AM  

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