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Friday, August 06, 2010

Brotherly Love

Today was not a good day. Nothing horrible like this or this, just a lot of little things.

Things like living with only one of our two AC units working since Saturday's big lightening storm. This means that the part of the house we live in is getting hotter every day. Thankfully, we've been sleeping in the cool side...until today, when that one went out too. When you're sitting in your own home and you start to spontaneously sweat (heat index hovering around 100), you know something's not right.

With weather like this, the kids can't really go outside. That means it gets a little wild inside. And around here, wildness, potty training two-year-olds, and sweaty boys (one who is on restriction from TV and Wii due to this) equaled lots of time outs and crying today.

By the time Nelson got home around 7, I was spent. Totally. I showered them and threw in the towel. I collapsed on the couch as the squeaky clean crew came running in full of every bit of energy I attempted to wash off. I was trying desperately to ignore the noise until I heard, "Mama, take a picture of us!" I looked up and saw this.

Upon investigation of the photo, I remembered why I keep this blog. At the end of the day, after taking a little time away from the actual events, I begin to see the humor - the moral - the love.

Ah, the love.


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