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Monday, August 16, 2010

First Day for Max

Today was a big day for Max, his first day of preschool. Since the playground is a very rough surface outside, the kids have to be walking before they can sign up. Because Max was not walking last year at this time (or crawling for that matter), he could not go to school.

In fact, he started walking so late into the year that I didn't see the use of paying the registration fee for a few months. This year, however, the world is much different for my little guy.

So this morning he put on his backpack with total joy.

He disappeared from my side before I could even hang his backpack on his hook. He never looked back. In fact, I had to tear him away from the trains to kiss him goodbye. I think he was ready. I think I was ready.

For us, it was a victory much bigger than just going to school. And for that, we are truly grateful!


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