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Sunday, August 01, 2010

Ride the Wave

When we were at the beach the waves were huge. I'm talking over my head, knocked me off my feet kind of waves. We loved them!

The first time I went out, I instinctively turned around when they hit me. Facing the shore, I thought, might make it easier to withstand them. Instead, they picked me up and threw me into the water.

The next time out, I chose to face the waves head on. In this position I discovered that I had a few options. I could jump over them, dive under them or stand strong against them. And, when I managed to steal the boogie board from one of the kids, I could wait for the perfect one and let it carry me all the way to the shore - seriously, body on the sand, totally fun kind of ride.

Life is often the same. There are times when the waters are rough. When you close your eyes and turn your back, you can get knocked off your feet. However, when you face them, your options are much better. You can stand strong, jump high or dive deep.

And, if you're patient and your timing is just right, you can catch one of those waves, ride it into the shore and have a great time doing it.


Anonymous Michlele said...

how true Amy! A wise mind once told me that is a lot easier to swim with the current than against it and that I would get a whole lot less tired if I just moved along ... :0)

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Blogger Life in the Fifties said...


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